Russell’s Bicycle Shed

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We recommend that all bicycles, if used daily, undergo twice yearly service as described below; especially after a hard winter.

If you have left your bicycle unused in storage either outside or under cover for a period of more than 6 months.

6 Month
  • Full Safety Check
  • including: frame, forks
  • wheels, tyres, headset,
  • and the drivetrain.
  • Check / tighten bolts
  • Lub and Grease
  • Service Brakes


+ any additional parts

12 Month
  • As 6 Month Service,
  • Headset and Bottom bracket removed to clean and grease.
  • Replace cable inners
  • Service Brakes
  • Full Safety Check


+ any additional parts

Full Re-Build
  • This includes:
    Stripping back the bike to the frame, cleaning and checking all parts. Wheel hub service.
    Replacing bearings
    (if necessary).
    Full Safety Checked.


+ any additional parts

We happy to give you an estimate for any work just pop in to one of our shops or give us a call.